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research paper on parkinson's disease 1 – Brainstorm. Think about how you will tailor the card specially for your dad.
  • Consider his interests and preferences. What colors does he like? What are his favorite hobbies? You may be able to use your knowledge of his preference later on to choose images you want to use to decorate the card.
  • Think back to memorable moments. What images or scenes stand out for you?
  • Check out the designs of various birthday cards online or at your local store. Consider the different shapes that cards come in, or even a-traditional ways of folding them (two or three creases instead of one – particularly good if you have a lot of images or words you want to include).
can i use you in research paper 2 – Decide the card’s aesthetic fate. Use your brainstorm to develop a theme for the card. Will it be minimal, but classy? Artsy and pleasing to his eye? How will you include a personal touch?
3 – Craft your card!

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  • Choose the paper you will use for your card. Use this paper to create a unique shape and fold.
  • Select the images you want to include, if any. Consider printing out an image or two – of his favorite things or maybe a favorite picture of the two of you – cut them out and thoughtfully place them on the outside or inside of the card with glue or tape. You may apt to draw these
  • Add decorations based on your theme. Maybe you want some glitter for an eye-catching border. Perhaps you’ll use some kind of marker or crayon to add splashes of his favorite color.
4 – Write a birthday message. Think about how words fit in with your theme. Do you want to move him to tears with heartfelt gratitude or bring a smile to his face with an inside joke? In any case, be sincere and thoughtful.

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  • Consider the style of the writing and what kind of writing utensil you will use. Flowing script with a colored pencil? Or block writing with a ballpoint pen?
  • Consider using words for aesthetic or thematic effect. Using thought or speech bubbles coming is a fun way to add to your card, for example.
field observation research paper 5 – Present your card. Consider a-traditional options, especially since your card doesn’t come with an envelope like a store bought one. Will you make an envelope? Will you attach the card to a gift with ribbon?

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  • Be sure to sign and date your message for when your dad looks back on the card years later.
  • Add hearts or something to show him respect, hearts show a sign that you love him and that will make him smile. Or write a poem or joke on the left side of the card to make him laugh or smile!
  • Consider your dad’s attitude towards his age before you decide to include any numbers.
  • Tell him in the card you love him! It will light up his face.
  • Use ink-based writing utensils for you birthday message if you don’t want the message to fade over time.

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