research paper links You can always go out and buy a birthday card for someone from the grocery store, but have you ever tried making a home made one? And when I say a home made one, I don’t mean a peice of construction paper folded in half with a quick picture scribbled on front and “Happy Birthday” written sloppily inside. I mean something you put some effort into. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a very nice little pop up birthday card.


math research paper topics for middle school Step 1: Materials 


define hypothesis in research paper Materials:
1 sheet of white typing paper
1 sheet of colored card stock
Markers, or something else you can color with
Glue stick

baby boomers research paper Step 2: Folding the Paper


First you need to fold your sheet of typing paper in half the short way. Try to be as exact as possible. If you get a little off, its okay.
research paper topics in sociology Step 3: Drawing a half bird


Draw half of a bird right up against the fold with your pencil. Make sure that at the tip of the wing you stop, skip a little space and then draw the rest of his wing and his tail. This step is a little confusing but the picture helps. Sorry that it is a bit blurry.
thurgood marshall research paper Step 4: Cutting


Now starting at the place where the birds beak meets the fold in the paper, cut along the bird shape you just made, up to the place on the wing were you stopped drawing.
writing a research paper literature review Step 5: More Cutting


Next, starting at the place where the tail meets the fold in the paper, cut along the line to the place where you started drawing again.
research paper topics on real estate Step 6: Folding


You need to use your finger and push the bird inside the card. Then, you need to fold the bird in the way opposite of the fold.
research paper on driving under the influence Step 7: Color!


Now carefully color the bird.
example research paper on abortion Step 8: Message


You’re almost finished! Go into WordPad and type a sweet but short message, a short poem would be perfect. You should then change the size to 12 or 14 and choose a cute font. Next, print it out, cut it out and glue stick it into the inside of the birds beak.
eeri research paper series Step 9: Cardstock


Now put glue all over the outside of the card , fold the cardstock in half and stick colored cardstock on the white bird card. Finally, decorate the front of the cardstock. Finished! When you open and close the card the bird will seem to flap its wings.

research paper on the lottery How to Make a Birthday Cake Pop up Card (Robert Sabuda Method) 

paragraph essay on my impact on immigration Steps


1 – Click here to get the image. (Or you can click on the image at right.) Right click on the image and select “View Image” (for Macs, CTRL click and click “Open Image in New Window”). From there, print out the image on a heavyweight paper, like cardstock or construction paper.


2 – Click the image on the right to enlarge. Right click or CTRL click again to see the image in a separate window, and from there print out the pop-up pieces for the cake on another sheet of heavy paper.


3 – Press along the dotted line. Do this on the center of the card with the rounded end of a paper clip (or a ballpoint pen that has run out of ink). Use a ruler as a guide. Go all the way from the top to the bottom of the card.


how to write research paper about a famous person 4 – Repeat along the dotted lines of all the pop-up pieces.


topics for research paper in business management 5 – Carefully cut out the cake’s card. Follow the solid, black lines.


research paper owl 6  – Slowly cut out the pop-up pieces. Follow the solid, black lines. Do not cut the dotted lines – those are fold lines you’ll use later.


need to do my homework 7 – Color in the candles. Don’t color the cake yet.


8 – Fold the two sides of the candle piece. Fold away from you, along the center dotted line.


date format research paper 9 – Lay the candles down flat and carefully fold the lower left tab up and crease. After you’ve creased it, return the tab to its original position.


a writer would probably use statistics in an essay to 10 – Carefully fold the lower right tab up and crease. After you’ve creased it, return tab to its original position.


write case study research paper 11 – Pick up the candles. While holding the lower section still with your right hand, fold back the top section with your left.


research paper cyber terrorism 12 – Your candle piece should now look like the image at right. The two candles in the center are pushed back away from you while the two candles on the ends are coming towards you.


caltech application research paper 13 – Turn the cake piece over. This is so that you do not see any of the black dotted lines on the finished product.


how to format a high school research paper 14 – Fold the two sides away from you along the center, creased line.


best cover letter for consulting firm 15 – Turn the cake piece back over again so you can see the black, dotted lines. Lay the cake down flat and carefully fold the right tab up along the dotted line and crease. Leave the tab in this position.


sample research paper using anova 16 – Carefully fold the left tab up along the dotted line and crease. Leave the tab in this position.


research paper on qatar 17 – Fold down the “scalloped icing” tab at the top and crease. Leave the tab in this position.


where to buy a research paper online 18 – Carefully fold down the “wavy icing” tab at the bottom. Fold it up along the dotted line and crease. Leave the tab in this position.


investigatory research paper example 19 – Color in the cake and icing.


outlines and notes in preparing a research paper 20 – Fold the card in half along the center dotted line.


my math homework helper 21 – Apply white glue. Don’t use too much glue or it will show through. Apply it first to the left angled area closest to the center of the card.


current world issues research paper topics 22 – Apply glue to the right angled area closest to the center of the card.


research paper in third person 23 – Carefully line up the tabs on the candles with the wet glue areas on the card. Press the candles’ tabs into the glue. Make sure that the center dotted line on the candles matches the center dotted line on the card. Let the glue dry for 2 or 3 minutes. 


24 – Wait until after the glue has dried and test the pop-up by slowly opening and closing the card. You may need to help the candles fold down for this first time.


25 – Apply glue to the remaining left glue area on the card.


26 – Apply glue to the remaining right area.


27 – Line up the cake with the glue areas on the card. Press the tabs into the glue. Make sure that the center crease line matches the center dotted line on the card. Let the glue dry for 2 or 3 minutes.


28 – Slowly close the card after the glue is dry. You might have to help the cake fold in the first time. Open and close the card a few times to test the pop-up.












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