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You Are The One Of My Dreams You are the one I dream about every night as I sleep, You’re the face I want to see & you’re heart I wish to keep. Your love fills my life with radiance and perpetual glow, You make my troubles melt away as you kiss me real slow….


I Want You Every night as I lay on my bed, Your thoughts begin to fill my head. When I fall asleep, in my dreams It is your pretty face that I see. With you my angel, life feels so right, Your smile fills my heart with delight. It makes me feel happy that I…


Hold My Hand Dearest heart, don’t let me down at this hour, I have no time to waste, I’m totally out of power. Your love baby has overtaken me and my whole life, I cannot think of anything else but you, I can’t deny. You make everyday worth looking forward to, Without you I find…


You Are Everything The moment when you asked me if I could be yours, Is a moment that I can never forget even in years. ‘Coz that is that time when my life changed forever, You and I, my darling, came together. I never ever want to lose you, now that you are mine, You…


Words Are Not Enough Words may never be enough to express what I feel for you, My love is so vast, that nothing ever in this world will be enough to prove. Yet, when I say that I love you, I mean it right from the bottom of my heart, Because you, my beloved, are…